Aides universitaires 2021 pour étudiants - Service des Allocations d’Études et des Stages

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Le Recteur de l’Université de Dschang informe les étudiants nécessiteux désirant bénéficier des aides universitaires pour l’année académique 2020/2021 que les dossiers de candidatures sont reçus à la Direction du Centre des Œuvres Universitaires (Service des Allocations d’Études et des Stages, porte 13).

Les dossiers sont reçus jusqu’au 19 février, délai de rigueur…Les pièces relatives à la constitution des dossiers sont les suivantes…

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Dschang informs needy students wishing to get assistance from the University for the 2020/2021 academic year that files are being received at the Directorate of Students Welfare (Service of Allocation, studies and Internship, door 13).
Interested students are hereby called upon to submit the following documents:

1) For All Students
-A hand-written application (unstamped), precising the objectives for applying.
-A photocopy of the student Identification Card or school attendance certificate. -A photo copy of tuition fees receipt for the 2020/2021 academic year.

2) Specific documents:
For indigent students (very poor, destitute): A certificate of indigence of the parents issued by a competent authority of the ministry of social Affairs at their place of residence or death certificate of parents.

For Albinos: A colour passport size photograph (4x4).

For students with rare diseases and physically challenged students (deaf, bind, and dump) and Handicap: A medical certificate issued by the chief medical officer (CMS) of the University ofDschang.

A complete file should comprise the above documents. The deadline is the 19th febuary 2021.
Late or incomplete files will be rejected.


Direction du Centre des Œuvres Universitaires