Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC)

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The Minister of State, Minister Of Higher Education announces to the general public and prospective applicants THat the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC) in the United is Offering some post graduate scholarships under the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan tenable in the United Kingdom from September 2022.
The scholarships are offered under six (06) themes (domains):
Science and technology for development:
Strengthening health systems and
Promoting global prosperity;
Strengthening global peace, security and governance;
Strengthening resilience and response to crises;
     Access, inclusion and opportunity.

The awards may be in any of the following categories:
- One year taught Master's at an eligible UK institution;
- A three year doctorate programme
-  Eligibility:
Be a citizen of or have been  granted refugee status by an eligible Commonwealth country , or a British protected  person
Be permanently  resident in an eligible commonwealth country;
Be available to start your academic studies in the UK by September 2022;
Must halt first degree of at least upper second class standards for the
Master’s   level;

Must hold a second class degree and a relevant postgraduate qualification (Master's degree) for PhD candidates:
Applicants must provide a supporting statement from a named supervisor from at least ore the UK institutions to which they are applying
Must NOT registered or have commented a PhD, or an Mphill leading to PhD at a
UK University or in your home country before September/October 2022;
 Be unable to afford to study in the UK without this scholarship;

Must have provided all supporting documents in required format;
Must have secured admission a 11K University which has a part funding agreement with the CSC, for a list of these universities, Visit the   CSS WEBSITE universities.

- A stamped handwritten  application addressed to the Minister of State, Minister of Higher Education:
-  A copy of the Online Application Form;
- A medical  certificate of fitness;
- A certify copy  of birth certificate;
- Certified copies of GCE Or Baccalaureate;
-  Copies of University Degrees Certified by your Institutions;
- At least two admission letters from any eligible UK Universities;
- Certificate Of Nationality and photocopy of National Identity Card;
- Copy of University transcripts (with certified translations if not English);
- References from at  two individuals-submitted directly by the referees to the Online Application System;
I supporting statement from named supervisor from at [east one UK institution submitted directly by your proposed supervisor to the Online Application System.
- Except the first five requirements above, all other requirements must also uploaded during the Online Application
- All Candidates must submit their applications using the Online Application System (OAS) on or before 01 November 2021.
- Supporting documents submitted through the OAS must in one of the following formats; PDF, DOC,odt, -jpg, Jpeg not more than 5MB and must be on or before 22 November 2021.
- information on how to use the online application system is on the CSS WEBSITE
- Candidates must have a mastery of the English language since studies are carried out in English
A complete application file should he deposited at the Ministry of Higher Education, Roam 1504 on or before Tuesday 23 November 2021 at 3:30 pm prompt.